Inside the world of sugar babies

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A website has women cashing in but at what price? The site matches people looking for a relationship; however, this is not an ordinary website. One person pays the other. We're talking thousands of dollars a month.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson speaks to one local sugar baby.

Some people say it's just a new form of prostitution. But the website says there's nothing wrong with rich people paying thousands of dollars a month to date someone.

It's mostly young women and wealthy men who sign up on the dating site. Their profiles spell out in explicit detail just how much money they want to date someone. The site claims students at Philadelphia-area universities are flocking there, often as an alternative to taking out loans. One such student agreed to sit down with FOX 29 and explain why.

"I have student loans. I have debt from that and I thought maybe I can find someone in this area that can also be a role model for me. If they have their own business and provide me that guidance and also a little bit of financial assistance," she told FOX 29.

The men on the site are called 'Sugar Daddies', the women 'sugar babies' and the relationships formed on the website are called "arrangements." The sugar baby told FOX 29 the money involved in these arrangements can be pretty significant.

"I've started off with the men that I've been with around $2,000 or $3,000 a month-- got up to anywhere around 5,000 to 7,000 a month. That's just kind of a personal allowance. And then, helping me out with any other things.I've had my student loans paid for. I'm graduating debt free," she explained.

So what does she say to critics who think it's nothing but a form of prostitution, she says, "NO! Absolutely Not. I've treated this no different than any other relationships I've had with boyfriends not having met them on the site. I don't sleep with them the first time I meet them or the second time or anything like that. So it's not transactional in nature at all."

From law school and seemed ambitious. She just had no moral opposition to being paid to date someone. In fact, she went so far as to suggest it to others

"For people who don't understand it I would say don't be so quick to judge. If you're a girl who wants a little bit of financial assistance or help with her career or something like that, just go make a profile," she said.