'It was busy, but not crazy': Thanksgiving travel successful as people make their way home

Whether it was by plane, train or automobile, families were determined to find their way home after the holiday.

The Mickey Mouse ears are a giveaway as young children wait for bags at Philadelphia International Airport, still not believing how they spent their Thanksgiving.

"We went to Disney in Florida and we had to take a plane. The plane ride was fun," Baylon Jackson said.

"We went to Magic Kingdom and we had lunch at this Thanksgiving place," Lucas Boyer said.

Parents handling travel logistics are relieved the trip is over.

"We left Orlando this morning at 5 a.m.," Jessica Boyer said. "Long lines at security, but flight was smooth and we made it home."

Experts say the Sunday after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest for travel. Passengers getting off flights from St. Louis and Seattle experienced the volume without the headache.

"Today, coming back from St. Louis, the whole plane was packed," Earl Lassiter commented.

"I thought with Thanksgiving, it’s going to be craziness, a lot of rushing, but it was nice. It was busy, but not crazy where we had any delays or anything," explained Agatha Karpowicz.

Instead of hopping on a plane, most people traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday are in their cars. AAA estimates nearly 49 million people will have driven to their destinations.

Many are willing to wait on long lines. AAA says people don’t seem fazed, even by higher gas or airfare prices, leading to predictions of strong travel for Christmas and New Year’s.