'It's a bittersweet moment': West Philly teen prepares for prom after shooting death of her dad

Every night reports filter in regarding gun violence plaguing the city of Philadelphia. What people don’t always see is the heartache the families left behind are left to deal with. In one such case, a West Philadelphia teen is getting ready for a special night without her dad.

"I’m really excited!" said Manyah Glass.

18-year-old Manyah, of West Philadelphia, is getting all glammed up at Studio 8, in Kensington, for her senior prom. And, while she’s super excited for the big night, there is a hole in her heart.

"It’s a bittersweet moment, I guess you could say that," Manyah stated.

That’s because her father, George Myers – Geo to his friends – won’t be there to see his daughter off. The 37-year-old killed in February in a triple shooting at 62nd and Lansdowne, another casualty of the gun violence plaguing the city.

"That’s kind of hard trying to deal with, knowing he wanted to be here for this day. We had a bond like a best friend," Manyah described.

Family and friends, even members of the community, coming together to help the teen continue to shine, despite the tremendous loss, throwing her quite the pre-prom party.

Manyah’s grandmother also feeling a multitude of emotions.

"It’s very hard for me to deal with, because he’s my only son and I wish he was here to see her because he was supposed to take her to get her dress," Manyah’s grandmother, Roxanne Contee, remarked.

Contee took Manyah shopping for her beautiful gown, in her son’s place.

"I know he’s looking down on her. He’s gonna be so excited to see how beautiful she looks," Roxanne added.

Manyah’s date, her cousin D’Arcey Starkie, missed his senior prom because of COVID. Manyah says she knows her dad would want her to have a good time.

"I’m just trying to hear his laugh and stuff and keep me up," Manyah added.



Police investigate triple shooting that left 1 dead in West Philadelphia



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