John Dougherty, Bobby Henon bribery trial continues for 4th day

The corruption trial of union boss John Dougherty is over for the week with the labor leader staging a small union rally outside of court Thursday morning. 

Dougherty, the powerful business manager of the Electrical Workers, Union, is charged with bribing City Councilman Bobby Henon with a $70,000 salary so he would act on Dougherty’s behalf.
Both men claim they’re not guilty.

On the corner of Market and 6th Street Thursday morning, in front of federal court, Dougherty gathered with what he said were members of the building trades.  He was seen glad-handing the men and paraded with them across Market Street to waiting TV cameras.  

Dougherty said his union supporters "fight every day not just to protect the middle class, but on some days to save the middle class."

Asked if federal prosecutors have laid a glove on him in the trial, Dougherty said he had to run and ducked into the court.

In the 12th floor courtroom, Bobby Henon’s defense Attorney, Brian McMonagle, challenged the claim Henon attempted to keep his union employment under wraps. He told jurors Henon "prepared, filled out and submitted financial disclosure forms for every year since his 2011 election."


In late afternoon testimony, federal prosecutors called a retired city worker to the stand.  Robert Donsky said he inspected the installation of a large, MRI machine at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia at the request of the leadership of the city Department of Licenses and Inspections.  

He testified, while the installers did not have some of the required permits, he decided not to issue a violation in part due to the highly technical nature of the work they were doing.  He also said he was told on-site if the men did not do the installation the warranty on the equipment would be voided.

Donsky testified he was later sent back to the hospital by his city bosses and told to stop the work.  He said he did it, but he didn’t like it.  

The trial will resume on Tuesday.



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