Johnny Doc, Bobby Henon corruption trial continues for 7th day

Thursday marked the seventh day of the corruption trial of labor leader John "Doc" Dougherty and city council member Bobby Henon.  

In afternoon testimony, Mayor Jim Kenney’s Deputy Mayor for Labor Rich Lazer testified while he was a highly placed worker on Kenney’s first campaign for mayor, he was being paid as a consultant by Dougherty’s local 98 Electrical Workers Union. Lazer is expected back on the stand Friday.

Prosecutors pounded away at their claim that Henon, in exchange for thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the Communications Workers of America, held a city council hearing and slashed away at Verizon executives.   At the time, Verizon was wiring the city for cable while the union was striking.

Henon and Dougherty both say they’ve done nothing wrong.  

John Dougherty and Bobby Henon

Entering court Thursday morning, Dougherty, the high-profile leader of Local 98, and the head of the Building and Trades Council said once again he hoped to take the stand in the trial.

"Bob maintains his innocence and we’re confident the jury in the end will listen to the evidence and come back with a fair verdict," Henon’s lawyer Brian McMonagle said, 




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