Lansdowne man providing free community wash and give-a-way day for single mothers

So many people take simple tasks, like doing laundry, for granted. One Lansdowne man is making that free for single moms and he has care packages, as well.

"They get pads, they get lotion, and they get tooth brushes," stated Adam McNeil.

On the eve of his big community give-a-way, 34-year old Adam McNeil gives a tour of a truck and storage unit.

"We have toilet paper and we have paper towels," he said. It’s stocked full of personal care and other products waiting to go to dozens of families.

Specifically, single mothers and children.

"We have a whole bunch of diapers so as you can see we have from size one all the way to size 6," McNeil remarked.

And that's not all. The community day will include free laundry washing, an idea he got from a Facebook post.

"I said how impactful would that be during COVID-19 to wash some clothes and give out some care packages," he explained.

The event is part of an organization he founded called SistaTalkPHL. McNeil wanted to do things to help women in honor of the women in his life who he says helped him through downtimes like incarceration and addiction.

"My mother was a single mother. I watched her relentlessly do her best to take care of me," McNeil commented.

He started with his last unemployment check for $1,200 and held his first two community day events.

"We were over 115 mothers and over 200 and something children that we serviced. It's a real eventful day," he said. The most fulfilling part, he says, is connecting the women with resources he hopes will change their lives.

"Single mothers they do this on their own and a lot of them don't ask for help but they need it," McNeil added.

Organizations that treat trauma, provide youth services and promote things like home ownership will also be there. The event is Thursday at M&M South Touch Laundry at 4700 North 15th Street from 12 until 4 p.m. Advance registration is required.

You can keep up with McNeil's efforts on his Instagram page.


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