Bear spotted in Delaware County captured, will be released in less populated area, authorities say

A bear spotted in residential communities in Delaware County was captured on Tuesday, hours after authorities shot it with a tranquilizer dart. 

Pennsylvania Game Warden Jerry Czech told FOX 29's Chris O'Connell that the bear had not been immediately captured after being hit and it then migrated from Upper Darby to Drexel Hill. 

Authorities were previously spotted loading a bear trap with sweet treats to lure the bear, including Dunkin' doughnuts. They specifically asked residents to stay away from Kent Park and to not approach the bear. 

The bear was also spotted roaming wooded areas of Lansdowne Borough and Clifton Heights, near Creek Road.

Charles Kelly Elementary School, located on Dennison Avenue, was placed in a lock-out out of an abundance of caution, according to their administration. Staff and students stayed inside the building on Tuesday. 

According to the Clifton Heights Fire Company, firefighters assisted the police department and game wardens with capturing the bear early Wednesday morning. 

Authorities say the bear was found in the tree of a residential property on the 200 block of West Baltimore Pike and it will be released in a less populated area. 

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says that Pennsylvania's bears population has been increasing for decades, and it's important to know what to do when there's a bear in the area.

Bears are most active at dusk and dawn, but the Game Commission says that once a bear finds easily accessible food, they will keep coming back. The issue with their return is that with every return, comes a decreased fear of people. 

The Game Commission says that the best way to keep bears away is to regularly clean outdoor cooking appliances, keep garbage cans as clean as possible, and store bird seed and pet food in an indoor space.   

If you come into contact with a bear on your property, the Game Commission suggests that you make loud noises from a distance or simply leave the bear alone. Once the bear leaves the area, it's recommended that you go back and clean up whatever may have attracted the bear. 

Feeding bears or putting out any food for wildlife that will attract bears is against the law, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.