Local couple creates children’s workbook with resources for sexual abuse victims

Ira and Divine Warren first met in 2013 through a friend and later they got married. Ira is a professional singer and Divine is a music producer.

Music may have brought them together, but it was a deeper, more painful history that bonded them for life a shared childhood experience of sexual abuse.

"Me and my siblings, we all were abused in the home. It was no way of escape. I had to live with the pain, the hurt, the guilt, and holding on to what we call the family secret," Ira explained.

Divine added, "I see why God put us together. He saw that we had pain. We can be a help for each other."

Ira and Divine decided to be a help for others who may be going through the same pain. Their shirts say "Bodyguard" and they put together a children’s workbook with the same title. The workbook is meant as a resource for parents of children who may be victims of sexual abuse to help families deal with the trauma together.

"We want it to be that a parent or a guardian goes over it with a child," Divine said.

The book also comes with a whistle and badge for children. The Warren’s hope they can get "Bodyguard" into schools. If you wish to purchase the book, please click here.



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