Local police warn of new location-based game

Pokemon Go That's so 2016. These days gamers are all about Ingress. It's a location-based augmented reality game catching some new attention. That's a cool way to say it mixes the real world with the virtual world.

It was developed as a prototype before Pokemon Go. The game continues to grow and add more players worldwide every day.

The game's ominous video trailer explains the game: "This is not psychosis or some cognitive prank but an actual take over of the mind."

Players accumulate points by visiting real world locations all over the place where secret portals are hidden. And that's why we're doing this story.

The Solebury Township police sent out a warning after several players showed up in the parking lot of the police station in the wee hours of the morning trying to score points.

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell tried playing the game around Center City and South Street and he said it was pretty confusing. He also said it's very much like Pokemon Go.

Some who played the game say real life is much better than virtual reality.

"Just not for me. I like exploring rather than just staring at a phone. I feel like the phone is if you need it in an emergency. But if you are walking around to need to enjoy life," said Keanu Sarrano, of Lehigh County.