Local woman battling leukemia hopes to meet Lady Gaga

A local 24-year-old battling leukemia loves Lady Gaga. She hopes to meet her idol while bringing attention to the need for bone marrow donors.

FOX 29's Joyce Evans has the story.

It was a birthday surprise from University of Pennsylvania hospital nurses to the ultimate Gaga little monster on her 24th birthday.

"I was diagnosed July 18th and I've been battling ever since."

Gianna DeVeitro entered the fight of her life just weeks after graduating Rutgers University and completing an internship at a hospital working with cancer patients.

She was fortunate enough to find a rare bone marrow match and she got the transplant, but sadly, she still has cancer.

"We did chemo for a month and then I just found out a couple of days ago that the chemo didn't work. So right now pretty much, I don't have any other options," she explained.

But she's still fighting.

"I've learned to appreciate everything you have -- one minute you have it and one minute you don't and it really really sucks," she explained.

In her hospital room full of Gaga gear she remains positive. A bone marrow transplant was not the cure for her; however, she's grateful for the gift. It's a difficult match that so many patients are desperate to receive. She has a message:"I would say that it really, really truly helps save a life so please donate."

The nurses are now using that video to reach out to her idol. She has tickets to see Lady Gaga this fall but they are pleading for a favor now.

"Ask her to please, please, please come. I don't have much time and it would be awesome to meet you and talk to you and talk to you, yeah."