Local YouTube entrepreneur pledges $10K to Philabundance if Wawa can surpass Sheetz on Twitter

A local businessman is pledging $10,000 to Philabundance if Wawa can surpass Sheetz in Twitter followers.

Bucks County YouTube entrepreneur and Wawa fan Ryan Schott took to Twitter to express his outrage over the disparity.

Turns out, Sheetz is winning big at least in the Twittersphere with nearly 520,000 followers to just over 350,000 for Wawa.

“I looked at their follower account and I was like, no way. That can’t be possible. Why is their follower account higher? Doesn't seem fair," Schott told FOX 29's Bruce Gordon.

Schott organized a #followwawa campaign with the goal of topping Sheetz by Dec. 6. He created a website to track the numbers that's updated every 15 seconds.