Logan residents fed up over downed tree

A downed tree is creating big problems for homeowners in Philadelphia's Logan neighborhood. But FOX 29 is Getting Results.

The ladies on the 4900 block of North Smedley street were stunned to look out their back windows after Wednesday's rain and wind storm to see a huge, downed tree blocking their shared driveway and looking like a pile of kindling.

"It's a hazard!" said Joyce Smith. "And then if a fire starts because of lightning, my house is gone! I've been here about fifty years-- my house is gone!!!"

What's worse the downed tree took utility lines with it.

The ladies first called their city Council person, then their state senator, then the city's 311 hotline.
The response?

"It could be 21 days before they come out to inspect it," said Tracey Harris to FOX 29's Bruce Gordon. "And we said 'we don't have 21 days!'"

Gordon emailed photos of the mess to his City Hall contacts and then payed a visit to the home where the downed tree was rooted.

Another neighbor had given Gordon some camera phone footage, which helped explain what happened: a tree-cutting crew was out here on Tuesday, taking the tree down, limb by limb.

The home-and-tree-owner did not want to her face shown but told Gordon it was Wednesday's rain and wind, not her crew, that made the mess.

"Then the storm came and that's with those two big limbs fell-- from the storm," she told Gordon. "When they finished Tuesday, it was clear."

And then she made this promise:

"I just got off the phone with them and told them what happened, and they are coming back out tomorrow to clear it up."

Gordon relayed that promise to the neighbors.

And if the cleanup doesn't happen on Friday?

"I'll be calling you," said Dicie Gilmore to Gordon.

His response? "You know my number!"

By the way, the city tells Gordon an inspector will come out to make sure the clean up is done right.
And no, it won't take them 21 days to get there.