Longtime shelter dog helps rescue kittens trapped in Wilmington storm drain

A dog is being credited with helping save three kittens from a storm drain in Wilmington, Delaware.

Harvey, who has been in long-term sanctuary care at Faithful Friends Animal Society, started barking at a storm drain during one of his walks. Harvey's handler let him get closer to see what he was barking at and discovered a kitten in the drain.

The Faithful Friends team was able to rescue one cat from the drain that day but knew there could be more. Two weeks after the first cat was pulled from the storm drain, two more cats were rescued. The kittens, Beta, Brie, and Brewster, have been placed in foster care and will be looking for their forever homes soon.

Harvey is still looking for a forever home, according to the rescue. He enjoys running and hiking, but also loves to cuddle and watch television. Anyone interested in giving Harvey a forever home is encouraged to contact Faithful Friends Animal Society.

Those interested in donating to Faithful Friends Animal Society can do so here.