Man accused of ‘acting like gorilla,' touching himself inappropriately

Police in Ohio responded to an unusual call: two men running around a parking lot, taking of their clothes, and one of them growling and punching the cement.

Then, according to The Daily Mail, Authorities wrote: "While officers were in route to the call, a second call came into dispatch about the same males. One of the males entered the License Bureau and was waving his arms around. He then excited the business and began masturbating on the sidewalk."

And police arrived to find "Timothy Cook in the parking lot. Cook was sweating profusely acting like a 'gorilla.' (He) was squatting on all fours, punching the blacktop, and jumping up and down screaming non-coherently."

After that, Fox affiliate WYFX-LD's sister-station reported authorities called paramedics due to Cook's erratic behavior and according to the police report, they administered Narcan for an apparent overdose.

Cook, 32, was taken to a hospital. Turns out, he had an outstanding warrant for drug possession.

Police detained and then released the other man, Osmond LeMasters, 24.

Both men are charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated.