Man reportedly steals charity cash box from New Jersey Wawa

Police are looking for a man who they say is responsible for stealing a Wawa box of cash for those in need.

"I've never really heard anything like that. The only thing that comes to mind is who raised you? You know," said a local woman Racel Bregaudit.

Bregaudit, along with police, is trying to figure out why this man seen in store surveillance video swiped a charity box from the counter of this Wawa on the 200 block of Greentree Road in Evesham Township back on August 22.

"That's for charity. So I don't know what they have going on in their own personal life that they thought they have to come to that decision," said Bregaudit.

You can see in the surveillance video the man apparently trying to blend in and not draw any attention from those around him.

Police say while at the checkout counter, he placed his shirt on top the Charity Box at the register and made off with the cash inside.

"Other people are gracious enough to give so there's like well if they were gracious enough to give it why can't I take it? That's probably what they're thinking," said Bregaudit.

More community members were in shock. Local resident Robin Kratchman says, "We're the ones, really the ones that put in the box all the time. We're always taken care of. We pay for the person in front of us. We're always giving back to the community and it's just very sad that unfortunately, here in Marlton and it happens everywhere."

Anyone with information on the suspect or theft, please contact police.