Man Who Couldn't Remember His Name When He Was Found 11 Years Ago Finally Discovers His Identity

(INSIDE EDITION)- A man who couldn't remember his name when he was found beaten and left for dead 11 years ago says he has finally discovered his identity.

The man was seriously injured when he was found naked behind a dumpster at a Burger King in Savannah, Georgia in August 2004. When he woke up in hospital, he had no recollection of how he got there or who he was.

Doctors said he had retrograde amnesia, which is memory loss sparked by injury or a disease. He named himself Benjaman Kyle or "BK" - using the fast-food chain's initials to help him come up with the name.

After more than a decade searching for his identity, on Wednesday, Kyle said that extensive DNA tests have finally helped him uncover who he is.

"My identity has been found!" he wrote in a "thank you" post on Facebook. "It is now the start of the eleventh year since this began and I never thought this day would come."

He explained that a genetic genealogist, CeCe Moore, helped figure out who he was. Moore and her team spent more than two years checking his DNA against samples in databases across the country.

He now knows his name, his birth date and that he is from Indiana,News4Jax reported. He has been put in touch with his family and looks forward to reconnecting with them, according to reports.

He is not yet sharing his identity publicly.

"Evidently, I left Indiana in '76 and they have not seen me since then," Kyle told the news station. "They thought I was dead."

Speaking about the discovery, he became emotional.

"Sometimes, the last ten years has been just hell," he said "Ten years ago, if I had known I'd have to go through the past ten years, I'd have just made up a Social Security number in the hospital."

At first he was unable to get a job because he didn't have a social security number, but News4Jax helped get him a state ID and a viewer offered him a job in Jacksonville, Florida. He now calls the city his home.

Kyle thanked a series of people who have helped him over the years, including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and teams who helped him reach his DNA match.