March Madness fans will be able to watch up to 4 games at once with new YouTube feature

March Madness fans can now watch four games at once with YouTube TV's new feature that lets sports fans watch up to four games at once.

On March 14, YouTube announced it would launch early access testing for its new Multiview feature, enabling subscribers to watch up to four different programs simultaneously.

If this sounds absolutely futuristic that's because it sort of is. Remember in "Back to the Future," when Marty Jr. can be seen watching six television channels at once? Well the future is here.

But unfortunately for fans of other genres besides sports, Multiview is heavily limited for now.

YouTube says early access customers will be able to  "watch up to four, pre-selected different streams at once."

"For the initial launch, it’s only the channels that have NCAA tournament games on them. Going forward, Multiview will be available on sports content," Spokesperson Jessica Gibby added.

So for now, you can't binge news and March Madness games at once.

And don't worry if you thought you would need a special device for this to work.

YouTube assured fans that the new feature is accessible to users across all TV devices.

We moved the processing requirements to happen on YouTube’s servers. This allows all subscribers to use the feature, regardless of their home equipment, because when it's streamed to them, their device sees only one live feed, instead of two or four," said  German Cheung, the engineering lead for the YouTube TV core experience team.