Mays Landing family searches for missing horse

A Mays Landing family has been desperately searching for a beloved member of their family. 

Betty Klinetob is beside herself. The field on her Mays Landing property sits eerily empty.You can almost see it in their eyes, Miss Kitty and Boomer are missing their friend and pen pal, Cash. The bay horse has been missing now for the past week.

 “I’m sure he’s probably confused, probably a little scared wondering what’s going on,"  Klinetob told FOX 29.

It happened at the Old Holly Hills Golf Course in Salem County now used as a horse trail and hunting ground. Betty and her husband started out on a trail ride when Cash bucked her husband on to the ground. The horse still had its saddle, shoes and bridle on when he took off into the woods.

"He went to get on Cash and cash reared up and bolted from under him and ran off and we haven’t seen him since,"  Klinetob explained.

Klinetob says cash is much more than just a pet horse, he provides therapy after from five failed neck surgeries.