Meet Lucky, the Calf Born With 2 Faces

(INSIDE EDITION) When Stan McCubbin went to check on his cattle in Taylor County, Kentucky last Friday, he saw two new faces staring back at him.

At first, he thought one of his cows had given birth to twins. Then he realized the two faces shared

"'We've got a two-headed calf!'" he told his wife over the phone, she recounted to on Monday. "I was like, 'What?!'"

The calf, who they've named Lucky, is unlike anything they've seen in their seven years of rearing cattle, Brandy McCubbin said.

Lucky has one body and -- they think -- one brain. When the family bottle feeds her, her two mouths move at the same time. She has four eyes, but only the outer ones can see.

"It looks like she has three eyes but she has two in one socket," McCubbin said. "They told us she was blind in these."

The vision problems make it difficult for Lucky to walk easily.

"She stands and goes in a 360," McCubbin said. "It's a balance issue as well -- her head is so heavy. She likes to stand up, but my husband has to hold her on her legs."

It means that Lucky has spent her first few days lying on the ground, with her mother standing nearby. The McCubbins, who have contacted a local university for help, hope they'll be able to build a contraption to help the calf stand, although they're not quite sure how to make it, or if Lucky will survive long enough to use it.

"Her odds of living are not good," McCubbin said. "Right now she's fine. She's not suffering."

The family read about a similar calf in Florida that lived for 40 days, and the McCubbin family hopes Lucky will get that far.

"It's odd," she said of the cow. "It's miraculous that she's living, but it's sad, too. She's a sweet, old calf."