Memory Maker: Berks County man makes memory books for families who lost loved ones

A Berks County man is making memory books for families who have lost a loved one and he's doing it free of cost.

“You just really want to help people? That’s all, we live in a world where people hurt everybody, if I can help them, give them something positive, that’s great," Mike Evans said. 

Spending the day in Leesport, Reading, and other parts of Berks County where there is a less dense population, social distancing and masks are not quite as big of a priority but the impact of the coronavirus still exists.


Mike Evans, known as the "Memory Maker," has always taken pride in his ability and willingness to help others. He was a mechanic who regularly fixed neighbors’ cars and plowed their snow. These good deeds continued even after MS slowed him down a little.

It was that same giving spirit that led to Mike becoming known as the "Memory Maker." The memorial books that he would make and donate to those grieving lost loved ones. He’s done this for a while, but when the coronavirus hit, he knew his talents could help others.

“A lot of people cannot have a funeral if somebody passed away on account of COVID. It’s kind of an in-between until they’re able to have a service," he said.

Mike has made the books for families who have lost their loved ones and for those who simply couldn’t visit them in hospitals because of it.

“They can have something like that home, sit with their families and have it there instead of no closure for their loved ones," he added. 

The books are elaborately filled with memories, quotes, history and pictures. Clearly, a lot of work goes into this. Mike says he can’t afford the costs of printing and binding dozens of books. Some are over one hundred pages but for Mike, this is not about making money.

“A lot of people ask me because I don’t charge for them, how do you get paid for that? My payment is when I give people the book and I see what it means to them, that’s all I ever need. Some things are worth more than money," he said.

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