Mike Jerrick’s Thanksgiving recipe for pumpkin mousse becomes a family affair on Good Day

It was a family affair Friday morning on Good Day Philadelphia with Mike Jerrick’s daughter Jill showcasing a delicious recipe for Thanksgiving.

One of Jill’s specialties just so happens to be Pumpkin Mousse. Celebrity baker Dana Herbert joint hem to show how to make “Pumpkin Mousse with ginger snap crumbles sprinkled on the top.”

Here's what you will need:


Cream cheese
Instant pudding
Grounded cloves
Whip cream
Crumbled ginger snaps


In a mixing bowl, mix together all the listed ingredients. Use only half of the whip cream. DO NOT mix in the ginger snaps.  
Next, in a serving dish layer the bottom with some of the ginger snaps.
Then layer the mixture.

Use the rest of the whip cream for the next layer.

Sprinkle leftover ginger snap on top.