Millville High teen goes viral playing drum solo while blindfolded

Video of 15-year-old Milton White is sending social media into a frenzy and the crowd behind him wild. He's taking drumline to another level by performing a solo blindfolded. 

The video recorded by the assistant marching band director of Millville High School and posted by Milton's proud poppa has been watched more than 40,000 times and shared more than 1,000.

"My dad was like that's my boy. He was so proud. My mom was like ecstatic, too," said Milton. We showed up at band practice this evening to talk to the talented 10th grader now known as a local celebrity.

"It was ecstatic. Everyone was screaming. It was a lot of good energy. It was fun," he said. Milton says he got the idea from a YouTube video and decided to try it out during his solo at a Friday night football game.

"I saw my friend Darius with this headband on and I thought to myself I'm going to play this stand tune that we have this really fast solo with covering my eyes and blindfold myself."  He did it again this evening surrounded by the rest of the drumline and entire marching band.

"He actually crushed it and did it really well so now it's turned into a thing," said band director Robert DeSantis. He says Milton's viral video comes during a very exciting time for them.  The band is participating in a contest by the Courier-Post to pick a band in each county to take over the paper's Instagram account for one night on Homecoming or another big game.

"We were able to win the Cumberland County vote and now we're up against Gloucester County, Burlington and all the other counties in South Jersey and they're going to pick one winner out of all that," said DeSantis.

Milton has mastered this so FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson asked what's next. "Me and Dee had a little idea we could set me on fire while I do it. (Is that a real thing?) No," he joked.

The winner will also be featured in a short documentary about marching bands.

If you wish to vote in the Courier-Post contest, please click here.