Missouri Town Supports Pedophile Father-of-Seven

A Missouri town supports a pedophile father-of-seven and shuns his victim as he is jailed for abusing the girl 300 times starting when she was just five years old.

Father-of-seven, Darren Paden, 52, will serve a 50 year jail sentence after admitting to abusing a girl for a decade. Many of the encounters included watching porn with the girl and forcing her into sex acts.

His victim says that the tight-knit town refused to accept Paden's confession and shunned her, claiming that now people won't even look at her or speak to her.

Paden's supporters even wrote to the judge asking for lenient sentence.

Paden, a former volunteer firefighting chief and member of the Air National Guard, has gained lots of support from the small 500-person town from being an active member of the community.

He was first accused of the crimes after his victim went to police three years ago, according to the Kansas City Star. She decided to come forward after listening to a middle school presentation on the signs of abuse, empowering her to speak out.

After being taken in for questioning, Paden, who was also a volunteer deacon at the local church, confessed to the allegations within hours.

He was then was sentenced 50 years in prison on two counts of first-degree statutory sodomy.

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