Model with alopecia embraces her baldness

A young model living with alopecia has embraced her baldness in a new, inspiring video.

The video of Lara Kitchen, posing with her wig and learning how to smile, embrace, and love her unique nature was posted by Australian wig company Freedom Couture on Instagram, on September 8.

The video has more than 800,000 views.

Kitchen posted to her personal Instagram page on September 9 to thank friends, family, and new fans for their support following the video.

Kitchen received messages from all over the world, telling her, she said, "how this has helped other people not just with alopecia but even how I've helped inspire girls as young as 12 to fight their anorexia."

She also wrote briefly about a health scare last year when she was in ICU for four days in a coma. She now believes she pulled through for a reason.

"Maybe this is why I was given a second chance to use my voice to help inspire and motivate anyone and everyone on the importance of self-love, self-worth, and the importance of embracing your imperfections!" wrote Kitchen.