Mom Creates 'American Boy' Doll For Son's Birthday

After his sister received a look-alike "Truly Me" American girl doll for her seventh birthday, six-year-old Miles DeMillo, had been asking for a look-alike doll of his own.

Miles's Mom, Gina DeMillo, wanted to make her sons wish come true for his sixth birthday, but she was having difficulty finding any boy dolls online. She looked on eBay and Craigslist for a doll that resembled her son, searching specifically for one with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Gina soon found a girl Madame Alexander doll online with these features and decided to get creative.

She removed the dolls blush and lipstick with nail polish remover along with cutting its hair and changing its clothes. When she finished, she claimed it was the spitting image of her son.

The birthday present ended up being a big hit with Miles, who's excitement is shown in a video his mom posted on Instagram.

Not only did Gina receive a positive reaction from her son, the blog post she created documenting her project was a huge it. The post even attracting inquirers from startups like Wonder Crew and the soon-to-launch Boy Story, which will sell boy dolls.