Mom Pens Ultimatum To Son, 13, Who Feels He Can Fend For Himself

This mom is fed up! She says her son, 13, has no regard for her rules.

According to the Huffington Post, she says the teen lied about his homework, told her she wasn't the boss of him.

The boy also claimed that his earnings from his YouTube videos were enough to support himself financially.

That final claim may be what inspired her note.

She hand wrote a letter to her son Aaron declaring that his income and independence would mean that he would have to pay his share of the living expenses.

She lists pricing options for items such as food, electricity, internet access, and even rent.

That's not all. Aaron will also have to do chores such as taking out the trash, sweeping, and vacuuming several days a week, among other daily duties.

In the end, mom offered Aaron a chance to negotiate the terms, should he decide to go back to being her child.

You can read her full note above.