National gas price average to fall below $2, but not for Philadelphia and neighboring counties

According to a recent survey, gas prices could drop to just below $2 a gallon for most of the country during Thanksgiving festivities. However, that's not the case for Philadelphia and other places in the surrounding areas.

The Lundberg Survey says that the average price of regular gasoline dropped a whopping 11 cents a gallon over the past two weeks. That left the price at $2.14 a gallon. reports that the gasoline price national average will drop to $1.99 by Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately for Philadelphia residents - and Pennsylvanians in general - our state boasts some of the highest gas prices in the nation, along with states on the West Coast and New York.

Prices in PA counties as of Monday:

Chester: $2.315

Delaware: $2.288

Philadelphia: $2.290

Montgomery: $2.311

Bucks: $2.300