National Thanksgiving Turkeys document road trip to White House ahead of pardoning

This year's National Thanksgiving Turkeys are in the nation's capital and ready for their special presentation on Monday. But first, Chocolate and Chip showed us how they got here.

FIrst of all, who are Chocolate and Chip? The two turkeys were raised on a North Carolina farm and were chosen for the annual tradition of the presidential turkey pardoning.

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While the modern-day ceremony of presidential turkey pardoning is thought to have been cemented under President George H. W. Bush, The White House Historical Association says the beginnings of some type of ceremony possibly date back to President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

The National Turkey Federation shared Chocolate and Chip's journey from just outside Charlotte to Washington, D.C. on Twitter.

The turkeys had a comfortable ride up to D.C.

They even shared the turkeys crossing over into Virginia for the first time.

Finally, the turkeys arrived at The Willard Hotel in D.C. 

The NTF also shared fun facts about each of the turkeys, including their travel goals and future plans after being pardoned.

Chocolate and Chip are now ready to meet President Biden at the pardoning ceremony on Monday.

After visiting the White House, the turkeys will head to NC State University where they will spend the rest of their days at the world-ranked agriculture center.

Watch the pardoning ceremony here.