New documentary highlights tense relationship between law enforcement, African-American community

Police, citizens and community leaders gathered in Yeadon Township Tuesday to watch a new documentary that highlights the tense relationship between law enforcement and the African-American community.

The documentary titled "Walking While Black" shows new clips and videos of various violent encounters between police and black and brown people. 

"It can hit you even harder seeing other people going through it, but it also makes you feel like I'm not crazy when I go through it, I'm not alone," Desmond Davis said.

Included in the documentary are opinions and insights from various angles such as average citizens, law enforcement agents, educators and even veterans. 

Director A.J. Ali says in order to fully understand the relationship between the two sides, law enforcement agents must also have a voice.

"I've got some empathy for the challenges they face every day to do better," Ali said. "I don't give anybody a pass for bad behavior but also say to the community let's do what can."

Yeadon police chief Anthony Paparo says he got support from all over the area to host a Reconciliation Day Event where the film was shown. 

"Everybody has to play a role we all have a responsibility to do that," Barbara Simmons said.