New Jersey artist takes creativity to next level

If Sue Moeder isn’t painting on skin inside her New Jersey tattoo shop, then you will most likely find working on her latest creation. For Sue, it’s like putting together a puzzle.

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story. 

"I like mixing the different textures. I like the rusty stuff in with really ornate stuff. A hole blending of textures and shapes," she explained.  

Assembling whatever seems to fit.

"Sometimes they just turn into weird little creatures. Sometimes they are pretty and sometimes they have character," Sue said.

Dried out animal bones and skulls, which are used to make beautiful works of art.

"If you asked me when I was first starting out if my art would look like this, I would have told you were crazy," she said.

Sue started painting the skulls but found them better left alone.

"Now, I can’t go anywhere without seeing skulls attached to them. Everything I see that could be a great arm or leg or a skull would look beautiful on there," she said.

Sue created so much art that she turned her Hammonton tattoo shop into a gallery.

"I use a lot of coyotes, beavers and deer," she explained.

She finds her inspiration wherever she can, antique shops, flea markets and online are her favorites.

 A former graphic artist, frustrated by the corporate grind, now driven to stay up all night until she gets a piece just right. Finding beauty in the old and discarded.

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