NJ Transit River Line service temporarily suspended for emergency mechanical repairs

Officials announced that NJ Transit's River Line service is temporarily suspended due to emergency mechanical inspections and repairs to the fleet of light rail vehicles. 

According to officials, during regularly scheduled inspections, some wheels on a light rail vehicle failed to meet the required safety standards. 

Officials say preliminary inspection indicates there was a defect in a single batch of wheels delivered by the original manufacturer.  Out of an abundance of caution, a comprehensive inspection is being conducted on every wheel of each vehicle.

Special express shuttle bus service will operate between the four highest ridership stations along the River LINE (Trenton Transit Center, Florence, Beverly/Edgewater Park and Walter Rand Transportation Center).  These four stations serve more than half of the daily River LINE customers.  Most intermediate stations will be served by existing local bus service.  Customers at Burlington South, Delanco, Cooper St. and Entertainment Center are advised to use other stations as no local bus routes service those stations.


Express bus service between Trenton, Florence, Beverly/Edgewater Park, & WRTC will operate in both directions with the frequency shown below (approximate):

  • Every 15 minutes between 5:45am  - 8:30am
  • Every 30 minutes between 8:30am - 4:00pm
  • Every 15 minutes between 4:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Every 30 minutes between 7:00pm - 9:30 pm


Station:                                                           Alternative Bus Service:    

Trenton Transit Center                   Express shuttle service at "East" bus stop on S.Clinton Avenue at Raoul Wallenberg Avenue

Hamilton Avenue                                 Bus No. 409 on South Broad Street at Hamilton Avenue bus stops

Cass Street                                         Bus No. 409 on South Broad Street at Hudson Street bus stops

Bordentown                                         Bus No. 409 on Farnsworth Avenue at Park Street

Roebling                                              Bus No. 409 on Hornberger Avenue at Norman Avenue (to Trenton) and at Albany Avenue (To Camden)

Florence                                            Express shuttle service inside Florence Station parking lot

Burlington Towne Center                    Bus Nos. 409 & 413 on Broad Street/High Street

Burlington South                                 Service suspended; no alternative bus service

Beverly/Edgewater Park                 Express shuttle service inside Beverly/Edgewater Park parking lot

Delanco                                               Service suspended; no alternative bus service

Riverside                                             Bus No. 419 on Franklin Street at Kossuth Street, adjacent to station

Cinnaminson                                       Bus No. 419 on River Road at Union Landing Road bus stops

Riverton                                               Bus No. 419 on Broad Street at Lippencott Avenue bus stops

Palmyra                                               Bus No. 419 on Broad Street at Cinnaminson Avenue

Route 73/Pennsauken                        Bus No. 419 on River Road at station entrance and across the street from entrance

Pennsauken Transit Center                Bus Nos. 404, 417, 419 at bus stop inside station

36th Street Station                              Bus No. 452 (service to/from WRTC) at bus stop inside station

Walter Rand Trans. Center             Express shuttle service on Broadway, adjacent to River Line station

Cooper Street                                     Service suspended; no alternative bus service

Aquarium                                             Bus Nos. 452, 453 (to/from WRTC) on Federal Street at Delaware Avenue

Entertainment Center                         Service suspended; no alternative bus service