Northampton County residents upset over signs they say are offensive

An artist in Northampton County is taking some heat over the messages on two giant signs displayed outside his art studio.

Thomas Whipple is extremely upset about two large profanity-laced signs that just went up on a warehouse turned art studio on the 1100 block of Spring Garden Street in Easton.

"This is disrespecting. He's putting the American flags out there, but that doesn't represent America. This is not the land you say terrible things like this," Whipple said.

Artist Shalom Neuman owns the building. He says he's exercising his right to free speech and the signs are a political statement.

"Those words are not my words. They're the words of our President Donald Trump. I'm only quoting him," Neuman said.

Neuman says he cares about kids in the neighborhood, but is far more worried about the fate of illegal immigrant children being detained after entering the country.

"I'm an independent who wants to say something about what's happening, particularly in Texas and these children," he explained.

Neighbors say whatever Neuman's motive, it's offensive to the young and old and the signs need to come down.