Northern Liberties residents fed up with panhandler

Northern Liberties residents are fed up with a persistent panhandler with a passionate tale about his wife in labor and an immediate need for cash.

"His wife is having a baby and needs a ride," Jason Pollack said.

A persistent panhandler is on the prowl in Northern Liberties and Natalie Lau is the man's latest victim.

"He followed me onto private property and approached me at my car," she said.

Lau says the man followed her into her gated parking lot just before 6 a.m. Tuesday.

"It's concerning when the door opens open for 10 seconds, then shuts so he snuck through this morning. It's a scary thing," Brandon Rosen said.

A Philadelphia police spokesperson says it's unclear if this man has yet to commit a crime or if he's just another city hustler looking to prey on people's emotions with his passionate lie about a wife in labor in his quest for quick cash.