Off-duty officer accused of shooting husband

Northampton Township police had to respond to a domestic situation that turned violent. It involved a female off-duty police officer.

Crime scene tape and police cars greeted neighbor Jeannie Fleming a few doors down as she headed off to work Tuesday morning from her home on North Marmic Drive.

Neighbors awoke to find a home crawling with investigators after police say a veteran off-duty Philadelphia police officer shot her husband in the couple's driveway after an early morning domestic dispute.

"They were good neighbors. They were quiet. They weren't obnoxious, no issues at all," said neighbor Liz Bartle. "We were speechless this morning because this is a very quiet neighborhood."

Police sources say the 11-year veteran works out of the 17th District on 20th Street in Point Breeze. We are not identifying her because she has not been charged. She allegedly pulled her non service weapon and fired one shot, striking her husband in the lower abdomen after she tried to leave the home with her three children.

Police sources say there's a history of domestic issues, but there were no protective orders lodged against either party.

The officer's husband is in stable condition at a local hospital. Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Bureau is also investigating the off-duty shooting.

Philadelphia police refused comment since the shooting is being investigated by Northampton police and the Bucks County DA. The officer's attorney had no comment pending the outcome of the investigation.