Officer nearly hit by passing car during traffic stop

A Township of Hamilton police officer was getting out of his car on the side of the road during a routine traffic stop when a passing car nearly hit the officer. His dash cams caught the entire incident.

This happened on Harding Highway on January 19.

In the video, you see the police car pull up behind the other car on the shoulder of the highway. A camera in the back of the car shows a car speeding past the officer, who is standing on the side of the highway. Officer Bakker barely jumps out of the way in time; the passing car almost hits him. You can hear the officer scream as he leaps out of the way. The car bumps into the police car and comes to an abrupt stop. The officer was not hurt.

The police department posted the video to their Facebook page with a reminder to the public about how dangerous traffic stops can be for police officers.

"Motor vehicle stops can be one of the most dangerous times for a police officer, for many reasons, including passing motorists. The Move Over Law was created to direct motorists how to approach stationary authorized emergency vehicles, tow trucks, highway maintenance or emergency service vehicles. When observing a stationary police vehicle with flashing lights activated, motorists should change lanes, if possible, or slow down and proceed slowly and carefully past the emergency vehicle, and always be prepared to stop."

For more information on the Move Over Law, click here.