Organizations in Philly working against anti-Asian violence and racism

Organizations in Philly and surrounding counties have long worked to advocate for people in the Asian community in response to anti-Asian violence.

"We’re a community that’s been constantly invisible," said Sarun Chan. He is dedicated to being an advocate for his community. He's the Executive Director of the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia. Chan spoke at the vigil Wednesday night in Chinatown for the eight victims killed in Atlanta Tuesday night. Six of them were Asian American women. 

"When they look to our community sometimes it’s just cultural and arts. Sometimes it’s just about our food but when it’s about our social issues it seems to be turn to a blind eye," he said. Chan’s organization has been in the city for 42 years and is helping to bring issues like racism and violence against Asian-Americans to the forefront and push for change. 

"Bringing everyone together and having those conversations really open perspective hearing really hard to hear things and experiences," he said.  

Wei Chen is also a voice, working as a civic engagement coordinator with Asian Americans United. 

"We make sure our community members and organizations that we honor are prepared to respond to those incidents. In case any of our clients and the member of community face any kind of incident that we have the right way, right direction, and right resources for these people," said Chen. AAU also helps connect community members with specialized resources in their community. 

"Find where neighborhood are you living, does your neighborhood have people of color, does your neighborhood have immigrants, does your neighborhood have Asian American immigrant community? Ask them what do they need support for them," said Chen. He says these organizations are important when people feel they have nowhere else to turn. 

"Because they serve this population. They know how to serve them. They know the history. They know the language they speaking," said Chen. 

For more information, please visit the following organizations: 



Vigil held in Chinatown for victims of anti-Asian violence



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