Paramedic's Response To Minimum Wage Debate Goes Viral

ARLINGTON, TX (WTXF)- Recent discussions and pushes for higher minimum wages have got the entire country talking.

While fast food workers push for the $15 per hour mark, people who may have higher qualifications and are already making that amount are questioning the circumstances behind the raise.

One man appears to have a totally different perspective on the situation. He took his view to Facebook, and the response has been enormous.

Jens Rushing says he commonly sees people bashing the push for a higher minimum wage, as they call fast food workers 'burger flippers.'

Rushing claims he too makes just $15 per hour, as a paramedic. A job he says "requires a broad set of skills."

He elaborates on the skills he must use on a daily basis then asks "And these burger flippers think they deserve as much as me?"

That's when he takes the discussion in a whole new direction.

See the post that's been shared nearly 30,000 times above.