Paraplegic dog from Thailand needs new home

She looks a bit like a little fox. But 3-year-old Tilly is a small mixed breed with a sad story, all the way from Thailand.

Tampa resident Lindsay Sundell is an animal lover who was volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand when she saw Tilly with helpless rear legs.

"She was sitting in a little cage on the concrete outside. I saw she had a little wheelchair, so a couple of volunteers and I decided to help walk her everyday," Sundell said.

Tilly had been hit by a car and her spine was crushed. Because the sanctuary was strictly for wildlife, Tilly couldn't get the care she needed.

Sundell decided to bring her to the United States. It took a lot of planning, logistics and money, but she did it. Tilly arrived in Florida in mid-September.

With the help of a GoFundMe account, Sundell has been getting laser treatments for Tilly's spine, and she's making progress.

"She's trying to walk. She's pushing herself off. But the doctors say since she is making progress on her own and with the help of laser therapy, she could potentially make a full recovery without surgery," Sundell said.

Tilly uses a small dog wheelchair to help her get around.

"I take her out in the wheelchair everyday, just to get her moving. She can move quickly that way. Then I'll have her walk around on the grass (without the wheelchair). She'll walk around, just to get her muscles used to walking again," Sundell said.

Now Sundell's biggest challenge is finding a new home for the pup. Sundell said she has a new job that will take her away for weeks at a time. She knows Tilly needs ongoing therapy and someone who can be there for her.

"She's had a rough life. She was a stray in Thailand, got hit by a car. She was in a little cage for a couple months with no rehab. I just want her to have a very easy, healthy, loving life," Sundell said.

A Facebook page for Tilly has been set up in hopes of finding her a new owner.