Parents speak out after 12-year-old boy allegedly makes death threats

A local family says death threats forced their 12-year-old daughter to stay home from school. Now, parents are speaking out about the boy who allegedly made the threats and why he's still allowed in school.

Parents put the Tredyffrin-Easttown School Board Directors on blast after a boy was reportedly allowed back in T/E Middle School after allegedly compiling a hit list--threatening to shoot more than 30 students.

The boy is facing criminal charges, but parents worry with him still waking amongst his classmates.

"There is a lot of attention that is on our school district to step up and lead," Sandy Nissenbaum, the victim's mom, said.

The outrage began with the bullying boy in question allegedly called Sandy Nissenbaum's 12-year-old daughter a "dirty Jew" when she tried to break up with him since he was bullying her friends. She's now out of class for her safety.

"She is doing homebound study now and she misses her friends. It's hard to be isolated and doing school from home when all of her friends are wrapping up the school year together," Nissenbaum said.

For their part, school officials condemned all forms of bullying, but said they were limited in what they could say about this specific case.

"Please understand that the board and school officials are prohibited by federal law from discussing specific students or situations," Tredyffrin-Easttown Board President Scott Dorsey said.