People flock to the grocery store in Wynnewood ahead of storm

Flocks of people hit the grocery store Tuesday night ahead of Wednesday's storm.

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"They did have some bread but all the good stuff gone. All snacks," said one woman. Late shoppers rushed over to Giant supermarket in Wynnewood to stock up on food. Some were surprised to find slim pickings.

"I can't believe it. The vegetables are wiped out and the potato chips are wiped out. People are buying like they never saw food," laughed one shopper. Maria Solomon says she purposely got a late start.

"This morning I came earlier because I was visiting my parents and it was mayhem so I figure let me try tonight and I'm glad I did because it was a lot less," said Maria who also says her only mistake was bringing along her 8-year old granddaughter Maya.

"What did I get? I got some comfort food and a word to the wise don't ever take your granddaughter shopping because you end up with extra things that you would never ever envision buying," she said. School is closed for Maya tomorrow but she's not sure how she feels about it.

"I'm probably like tired of it because we had snow on Friday," she said. 14-year old Alana James feels the same way.

"As much as I love not having school. I'm so tired of the snow. I don't like it," said Alana. She was tagging along with her dad who had a long day and a long list from the wife.

"A very long one. After dropping off from gymnastics and picking from volleyball now I'm at the grocery store," said Zeke James who said his daughter would want a lot of stuff from the store.

"She'll start adding to the list and that means more money will be spent. So I'll get all healthy items and things that they need versus things that they want," he said.

Around the area crews are working late nights trying to restore power to homes knocked out from last Friday's storm. There's still a lot of downed trees and power lines keeping streets in the dark.

People are getting ready again for whatever could come.

"I'm so confused at this point with all the reports but I'm planning to be home," said a shopper.