Philadelphia man goes viral for FOX 29 interview about I-95 bridge collapse

A classic Philly moment unfolded on social media over the weekend as a northeast Philadelphia man went viral for his play-by-play account of the I-95 bridge collapse.

Following an interview with FOX 29’s Marcus Espinoza, some are now referring to Peter McLaughlin as the ‘Mayfair Mayor.’

He stopped by ‘Good Day Philadelphia’ on Thursday morning to share his experience the morning of the collapse, and how he’s handling the attention his interview garnered on social media. 

McLaughlin says he awoke on the morning of the collapse to dozens of messages from friends and family asking him about the accident and how close it was to his home on Cottman Avenue. 

A short time later, he found himself in front of a FOX 29 camera, describing his experience that morning. 

Before long, his face was all over social media.

"I started seeing quotes on the tweet, and what not, I was like, ‘oh cool.’" McLaughlin explained. People were saying like, ‘I want this guy as Mayfair Mayor.’"

McLaughlin gave the perfect Philadelphia response to a request that he become Philadelphia’s official accent ambassador.

"I definitely know there are some oldheads out there that got way stronger accents than me," McLaughlin said. 

You can watch the full interview in the video above.