Philadelphia officials give options for restaurants as outdoor dining begins Friday

Philadelphia restaurants that have patio areas on their properties or already have sidewalk café licenses will be able to offer outdoor seating starting Friday, June 12.

Restaurants will have four potential options based on their location:

  • Sidewalk Café — Allows for daily use of sidewalk area in front of the business for restaurant seating.
  • Streetery — Allows for curbside parking at street level (or platform built on the street) to be converted into outdoor dining or take-away area for food and beverages.
  • Temporary use of private lots for dining  — Allows restaurants to convert spaces in their parking lots into restaurant seating and to place seating onto vacant lots in most commercial and mixed-use zoning districts.
  • Temporary street closure — Pilot program beginning this summer that allows for temporary closure of certain streets for restaurant seating.

The city announced Thursday they are making more options available to those without existing permits. Businesses without existing permits and those who wish to expand their existing outdoor dining footprint can apply to the city’s new outdoor dining options. New outdoor dining registration forms will be available online by 5 p.m. on Friday, June 12, and the city will begin review of sidewalk café applications on Monday, June 15.


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