Philadelphia residents prepare for the DNC

The whole city is getting gussied up.

The banners are flying, bunting looking smart and everywhere you look there are official political fest locations: the Convention Center, the Constitution Center- with wonky special exhibits- like "Headed to the White House."

We've painted the town Democratic blue- volunteers sport their blue shirts- begging you to ask them!

The mayor says we're ready.

"We're going to keep everybody safe and happy and have a good time," Mayor Jim Kenney said.

The protesters are getting ready too.

They're painting up a storm in Kensington- artists finding colorful ways to get their messages out. For rallies and marches, more than 50,000 folks are expected to be out exercising their first amendment rights.

"We're getting ready for the March for Clean Energy on Sunday," Becca Epstein with Art for Energy said.

At the teachers' union headquarters, it's sign making overdrive.

They're creating slogans of support- declaring- Philly for Hilly.

"It's great for business, city, no place better City of Brotherly Love," Stephanie Conaghan, a teacher, said.

The city is ready for her spotlight- show stopping, clever window displays in posh stores, restaurants ready for the throngs.

However, some along possible protest routes are being asked to pull their tables and flowers inside.

Police are already out in force and everywhere you look you can feel the added energy -- a big party is about to happen.