Philly nurse to give gift of life by donating kidney to total stranger

A nurse at Jefferson is set to undergo surgery Tuesday so she can donate a kidney to a total stranger. 

Elizabeth Antosy, a neonatal nurse at Jefferson Hospital, is used to taking care of other people, but now she will be the patient.

"I'm nervous but ten times more excited. I just can't wait,” she told FOX 29.

Elizabeth, known to her friends as Libby, says she has thought about donating a kidney for awhile. The time wasn’t right until now. She has been investigating online and connected with a kidney matching website called, which put the wheels in motion.

"I just feel like it’s an honor to be able to do it,” she said.

Libby adds she values her independence and freedom as a result of good health. She can’t imagine life on dialysis.

"If I can help someone be able to not be attached to that machine and in between not feel really terrible then I hope I can do that for someone,” she said.

Libby will be in the operating room for 3 ½ to 4 hours. She says her kidney will be on the way to a complete stranger by 11 a.m.

"I would love to know who they are. I would love to meet them and talk to them. I don't expect anything more. I don't need anything more than that,” she said.


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