Pirate Ship Children's Toy Features Dark Skinned Figure in Shackles

DENVER, CO- A tiny toy is causing some big uproar.

The popular toy brand Playmobil is stocking its shelves with a toy that some are calling racist.

This toy certainly is causing a lot of controversy, and you'll have problem finding it on the shelves.

The reason behind the controversy is one character, which is dark skinned. The instruction guide tells you to put a shackle around its neck.

The local chapter of the NAACP does not approve of this toy, or the message they believe it`s sending to children.

"Childhood toys should not subject children to terror and this is just what this is depicting. And that's not ok," said Brian Beecher, the 3rd VP of NAACP State Conference, "We should not and must not profit, or promote stereotypes at the expense of others. It's about diversity and inclusion and respecting true history not making fun or light of it and this is what this has done."

When the character was shown to people on the streets of Denver, most had similar reactions.

Most felt it was racist, while others noted that nothing should be around anybody's necks despite the skin color.

So what comes next? Well, the NAACP is calling for action.

"I really would like to see this recalled immediately and an apology put forth to the community because it has no place," said Beecher.