Police: 2 suspects in custody after gun shop burglary

School lockdowns have been lifted in Malvern, Pa. following a gun shop burglary.

Around 5:15 a.m. Tuesday morning, the alarm sounded at a gun and archery shop in Malvern. Police say they found someone entered through a side window.

At the same time, an area police officer, driving west on Route 30 spotted two men running--juggling a heavy load. There was a chase on the tree-lined streets of East Whiteland Township as the officer went after them.

"He sees two males cross the street in front of him with rifle-like guns in heir arms.They're all dressed in black," East Whiteland Police Chris Yeager said.

They head for the General Warren Inn and one of the suspects is arrested there.According to police, his car was found parked nearby Area police swarmed a neighborhood, including an Amtrak cop who spotted the second suspect on rail lines. Police gave chase and found him hiding beneath the deck of a home in a community between Woodland and Church in Malvern.

"At least 20 to 30 guns were taken and when officers arrived there guns spread out all over. They dropped guns all over they place," Chief Yeager said.

Later, police could be seen pulling what looked bags of apparent evidence from vehicles.

Police say they arrested 23-year-old Shane Wolf, of Downingtown and 22-year-old Taylor O'Brien, of Malvern.

According to police, they're making sure they've recovered all the guns.