Police confiscate weapons and drugs during 3-day sweep

Police say they found over $200,000 worth of drugs and close to $50,000 in cash during a 3-day sweep. Only FOX 29 was there as police brought in suspects.

It was the result of a 3-day sweep through the East Police Division last week that resulted in a 176 arrests. Investigators seized a cache of guns, drugs and money as they targeted the drug trade and violent crime. It was the third in a series of city wide initiatives spearheaded by the narcotics unit.

"It's been successful , we're taking some real bad people off the street, we're developing intelligence information that is leading us to larger organizations that we can target," said Chief Inspector Dan MacDonald of the Narcotics Unit.

Police showed off 21 guns, close to $50,000 in cash and over $200,000 in heroin, cocaine and assorted other drugs. There were hundreds of packets of heroin. All this came on the heels of drug overdoses and deaths this month linked to deadly fentanyl-laced heroin.

Investigators believe the roundup and seizure of drugs, cash and guns will put a dent in crime in the some neighborhoods, but they say with the high demand for drugs, it won't be long before new dealers move in on the drug corners here.

Police say several gang members were arrested along with 36 violent criminals with outstanding warrants. According to investigators, some of these drug organizations can move a million dollars in heroin in single weekend.