Police Identify 3 Victims in Northeast Philadelphia Crash

Police say five people were inside a car when it hit a tree; splitting it in half. The crash killed three people and injured two others, according to police.

17-year-olds Sabrina Rhoads and Yvette Gonzalez were ejected and pronounced dead Wednesday night. 20-year-old Felipe Hernandez was trapped in the vehicle and died at the scene.

A 17-year-old Philadelphia boy was found in the roadway with severe head trauma and is in critical condition. The vehicle's 20-year-old driver walked away from the crash and went to the hospital hours later.

FOX 29 spoke to one of the victim's family on Thursday night.

"It's hard cause we keep expecting her to walk in the door and she's not going to walk in the door now," said Sandra Rhoads, a victim's mother.

Sandra still finds it hard to believe her 17-year-old daughter Sabrina Rhoads is gone.

"She wanted to do a lot with her life. She wanted to be a hairdresser. She wanted to be a coroner, Coast Guard. She wanted to do everything," she told FOX 29.

"I really miss her and I love her and I just wish she was still here with us. She loved doing my hair and makeup all the time," her little sister said.

The George Washington High School senior and two other friends died after a 2007 Acura TL got split in two when it slammed into a tree Wednesday night. Another teen suffered critical injuries.

"It's a horrible feeling. I wish that on nobody, not even my enemy, gets that kind of phone call," Sandra told FOX 29.

Police want to know whether the driver was street racing down a stretch of Sandmeyer Lane off of Red Lion Road when it crashed in Northeast Philadelphia.Investigators believe the Acura was doing more than 75 miles per hour. Investigators say the driver survived and is cooperating.

"When we talked to the driver he was still traumatized and didn't remember a whole lot about it," Philadelphia Police Captain John Wilczynski.

Sabrina's mom says her daughter worried about dangerous driving with friends before. While police continue to investigate the Rhoads family is preparing to say a final good bye to a daughter and sister who brought joy to so many lives.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.