Police investigate jewelry theft from Radnor shop

Police say they are investigating after a woman was caught on camera stealing from a Radnor shop.

On the video, the woman appears to be browsing at 'The Little House Shop' in Radnor the day before Mother's Day but she clearly had different intentions.

"She reaches her hand in a jewelry box and takes a ring," employee Nicole Dahl said.

The video then shows her spin around a stand on the display case, holding a pricey designer necklace.

"Looks at the price tag, and struggles to get the necklace off, but ultimately gets it off and walks towards our vanity which is behind a screen and there we believe she probably put it in her bag," Dahl explained.

The stolen necklace sells for just under $2,000.

Anyone with information regarding the woman is asked to contact Radnor police at 610-688-0503 or detectives@radnor.org.