Police investigating officer-involved shooting in Ventnor, one man dead

"Stay inside, stay inside, get inside, get downstairs."

Tense moments in the 700 block of North Burghley Avenue in Ventnor just before 6:30 as police are called to a home for a domestic situation and neighbors are told to get inside.

"It was surreal," Chris Martin, a neighbor, said.

Investigators say it all began earlier in the day when 49-year old John Fetter Jr. allegedly threatened his father with a shot gun and the two struggled over it.

Someone in the home called 911, but then hung up.

When police arrived on scene, they say they heard gunshots from inside, that is when they surrounded the home and were able to get fetter's parents out and to safety.

"I was watching TV in the living room, next thing I know I heard a couple of shots. I came out and all the cops started pouring in, blocked everything off," Chris Aleksandoov, another neighbor, said.

At one point you can hear the suspect's distraught mom yelling her son's name.

As SWAT arrived, police say shots were fired out of Fetter's window, hitting a home across the street.

During the more than hour long standoff, you can hear on a neighbor's cell phone recording police trying to talk with fetter.

"John, do the right thing...throw the gun out the window...John put your hands out the window."

Police made several attempts to get Fetter to surrender peacefully as the neighborhood watched on in fear.

"I couldn't see too well with police what they were doing, but I could hear them saying John, John come out, nothing is gonna happen...just put the gun down," Martin said.

Police say finally at 7:38, Fetter came out of the house and pointed a gun at members of the SWAT team. Police say a single gunshot was heard after which SWAT team officers fired at Fetter, killing him.

"We heard another five shots and right after the five shots they just went off, 12 to 15 shots in a row," Aleksandoov said.